Niagara Pattern Ltd.
6135 Don Murie St.
Niagara Falls, ON

L2G 0B1

Phone 905-357-4121
Fax 905-357-2097



Since 1975, Niagara Pattern Ltd. has been servicing customers throughout North America and earning their trust by providing a product that remains consistent in it's high quality, competitive pricing and professional service.Our personnel are dedicated to a quality management system that makes quality a basic business principle. The strategy is to satisfy customers by meeting or exceeding their expectations by producing products superior to all competition.

Our pattern division, where it all started, is superior in the construction of pumps of all sizes. Made from aluminum or hardwoods, they are all computer designed for subsequent machining on our 3 axis CNC with a travel of 84"x-60"y-36"z.

Our tooling division builds carbon fibre checking fixtures and master tooling for part verification for the automotive glass industry. We also build master tools for vacuum formed parts of aerospace body panels.

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