Niagara Pattern Ltd.
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Niagara Falls, ON

L2G 0B1

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We have been manufacturing quality checking fixtures for the automotive glass industry for nearly 20 years. As times have changed so have we.

We started with fiberglass tubular structures and advanced to moulded carbon fiber technology. This process assures complete and integrated bonding of all layers of carbon. Using wear resistant casting resin for long service and the latest in hardware capabilities, our fixtures are up to the challenges of checking mass production glass


From customer raw data we can design a fixture to suit your particular needs. Using 3-D design and CNC machines, assures your fixture will meet your requirements. With 3 seats of CAD/CAM stations we are ready to put your fixture into production. We can manufacture fixtures using a variety of materials to suit your budget / delivery.

Check Fixture Types :

  • Prototype- Wood or Tooling board designs
  • Female Masters- Carbon fiber or Aluminum
  • Automatic / Sensor
  • Bending Ring / Tooling Fixture
  • Assembly
  • Destructive Glass Test Fixtures
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